To Each His Own : A Movie Review for Christopher Nolan’s “Inception”

People are still talking about this, so I guess it’s not too late to post this one out, as I only found time to watch this just the other day.

So here we go.

I am one of those kids who had dreams within a dream occurring to me a few times in my life, so let’s say right out of the bat that I’m impressed someone had the courage to take this concept on onto the big screen, because this kind of realm is very much in free form that a story line about it might let itself go and lose all its credibility. The thing about that though is that, since I indeed was one of those “fortunate” kids, not to be a snob, but I found this as though another one of those sci-fi movies. Also, too much exposure and admiration over movies such as “The Matrix” may have evolved, and therefore prejudiced, my train of thought, but not until the uniqueness of the idea sinks in within the next few days, albeit very wonderfully delivered, it’ll be nothing less than a story told.

I guess seeing the movie in this kind of eyes though will make me judge the movie in its more unassuming state. So I’ll work my way from there.

– Spoilers Ahead –

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The Story of Kapi Sanan and Midya

Last March 5 – 7, 2010, I was very lucky to be sent to Zamboanga City as one of the new media representatives from Davao City, and the Mindanao region, to participate in the “Seminar and Training On Covering Automated Elections and Campaign Finance”, sponsored by the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism. Very lucky as I have been quite, no, very backlogged with my political articles for a certain political blog.

That aside…

During the 2nd day of the seminar, we were asked to create presentations regarding on what are the kinds of issues do journalists seem to find as a challenge to deal with in covering the elections, what is going wrong or right about our coverage of the elections, what are the usual overplayed and underplayed election story frames and pegs, what are our story plans and wish lists as journalists, and what actually are the best editorial policies and practices that are supposed to be practiced in the news room.

This is what I came up with for my group.

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5 important lessons I learned in 2009

Yes, almost everyone I know have spoken: 2009 was a such big pain in the *ss. It’s rather uncanny though that everyone seems to feel the same way too. I am quick to blame the cosmos for this because, aside from the fact that I’m an eighth of a superstitious lady, there are just too many of us who wants to wish the year nothing but good riddance. There were just too many unfortunate events that seem to have happened and fallen on this year.

Goodbye 2009

My own series of unfortunate events for this year, I have to admit, were all of my own doing though. Well, except for recession. Damn that recession. But anyway, somehow, in a general sense, 2009 didn’t feel all too great. I did have my fun the first few months, but the next number of months felt like a challenge and I had to struggle a bit more with every aspect spanning my life.

Well, it’s not like I brood over these things for days on end however. I am always fine, happy and dandy when it counts. Not saying I stop looking for resolutions when I feel okay. As a matter of fact, every time I tread on, I learn new lessons; some quick, some gradual, some ultimately cliché, some even funny but, most definitely, all very significant.

These are the most memorable lessons I’ve learned in 2009:

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United State of Pop 2009 (Blame It On The Pop) by DJ Earworm

“I know you want pop. You want dance. You want rock and roll. You wanted boom boom! This year’s remix got symphonic soul!”

2009’s coming to an end, and what does that mean? Another of DJ Earworm‘s awesome year-ender mash-ups consisting of the year’s Top 25 Billboard hit tracks!

United State of Pop 2009

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Synced. Supported. Succeeded. At DevCon Mindanao 2009

“Come for FREE and let’s have Pizza and Beer!”

In all honesty, this was the line that got me in a cinch.

But DevCon, short for “Developers Connect” was more than that. Last December 3, 2009, DevCon gathered some good number of IT students, developers, technopreneurs and professionals, myself included, from all the different parts of Mindanao to converge under one event to interact with one another and to learn together about some of the best and the latest in the web and software industry.


This event, made possible with the cooperation of ICT Davao and the Philippine Software Industries Association (PSIA), was also a part of the Davao Innovation Month, which was also an initiative of ICT Davao and PSIA, alongside Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. (DCCCII), Davao Software Industry Incorporated (DSII); and sponsored by Oracle, Global Gateway Innovation Exchange (G2iX), Globe and SM City Davao.

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My Views On The Maguindanao Massacre

It is one of the darkest days, probably THE darkest day in Philippine Media history as at least 30 persons, mostly comprised of journalists, are not only confirmed dead but some were also found beheaded and mutilated, and the women raped.

Still 6 months away, the country has now its first reported political violence linked to the May 2010 election. This is a fact, however, that is overshadowed by how massive the scale of this dreadful and senseless massacre is.

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Cignal Digital TV: Unparalleled Clarity with More Choices

Press Release

Cignal Digital TV: Unparalleled Clarity with More Choices

Cignal Digital TV

Picture this: your favorite movies, sports events – even cartoons for the kids – in unbelievably clear images that they seem to come to life right before your eyes. Well, you need not imagine anymore because your high definition wishes are about to come true as Cignal HD is now available in Davao.

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Album Review for Michael Bublé’s “Crazy Love”


After 2 years from his “Call Me Irresponsible” album, Michael Buble comes back to offer us a much more variant of an album that is “Crazy Love.”

This album, as a whole, is packed and strong, most of which can be attributed to the quite heavy arrangements only done with faith that Michael Buble’s improved vocals can deliver. While different musical genres are involved here, those familiar and have grown fond of Buble will still get the Buble they love. His delivery is pretty much similar: modest but heartfelt. Something that is significantly added though is that it also comes unpretentious but is absolutely fun.

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Much Ado About Halloween

Sometimes, the Filipino Catholic priests spew out countless opinions on issues which, I believe, are better left undiscussed by anyone from their faction. And there are those which are inevitably laughable that you just have to bring them up for discussion.

Take this one, for example, from

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“This Is It”

This Is It: A 2-week-run Michael Jackson concert film from October 28 - November 11, 2009

I am a fan of movies, music, concerts, and… Michael Jackson.

So I, without hesitation whatsoever, headed for SM City Davao as early as 10:30 AM yesterday for the first screening of the concert film “This Is It”.

I was a little bit too early though as the first showing was slated for 12:30 PM.

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