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To Each His Own : A Movie Review for Christopher Nolan’s “Inception”

People are still talking about this, so I guess it’s not too late to post this one out, as I only found time to watch this just the other day.

So here we go.

I am one of those kids who had dreams within a dream occurring to me a few times in my life, so let’s say right out of the bat that I’m impressed someone had the courage to take this concept on onto the big screen, because this kind of realm is very much in free form that a story line about it might let itself go and lose all its credibility. The thing about that though is that, since I indeed was one of those “fortunate” kids, not to be a snob, but I found this as though another one of those sci-fi movies. Also, too much exposure and admiration over movies such as “The Matrix” may have evolved, and therefore prejudiced, my train of thought, but not until the uniqueness of the idea sinks in within the next few days, albeit very wonderfully delivered, it’ll be nothing less than a story told.

I guess seeing the movie in this kind of eyes though will make me judge the movie in its more unassuming state. So I’ll work my way from there.

– Spoilers Ahead –


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