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Urgent Cases List of Flood-Stranded People Needing Rescue.

Update: If you or someone you know need rescue around Petron and SMC area, please call 09178140655. If you know of anyone still stranded on their roofs in Marikina or Cainta, please text 09175408921 with details – names, address, ages and current situation.

I had to change this blog’s lay-out for easy viewing, specifically for this entry. There are lots of people still stranded out there and need rescuing. I was thinking of how to go about helping these people with the use of this blog. Good thing, the following map came along, which, I believe, is the best idea so far.

The following is a Google Map which holds a visual urgent-case list of flood-stranded people needing rescue. I wanted to hold it here too for easier retrieval and access.

To view a complete enumerated list, with address and situation, click HERE.

If you know anyone still stranded within the flooded areas, by all means, please enter their information in the given map or in their comments section. If you need assistance with this, don’t hesitate to comment here or message me, and I’ll be glad to provide assistance in any way I can.


The first love song ever dedicated to me has quite the tragic gist. I was Grade 4 back then. I was being courted by a guy 2 years my senior. One day, he wrote me a beautiful love letter, which I endearingly brought home with me. You probably know where this is going to lead by now. So yes, my mom caught me reading the letter in my room and had to read it for herself. Realizing the “gravity” of the situation I was about to place myself into, my mom (and dad eventually) had to tell me to not even think about starting anything with this guy and that I have to ditch him, pronto. These solicited tears from my tiny heart, of course.  I didn’t understand why we can’t go through it. But I just had to accept the fact that “it was because I was still young.”

The next day, I told the guy that we cannot go through a relationship because of my parents’ disapproval. He was saddened by this. From here on, things got more rocky and the temperament of our feelings for each other died to a lull, mostly for me. All he could  do to reach out for me one more time  was to dedicate a song for me to let me know what he wants to tell me, finally.


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